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Why choose Wired Up

Why Choose Wired UP

It’s not pride we have in ourselves but rather the trust and commitment we provide that has given us the chance to prove a level of expertise beyond what our competitors can offer.

Rapid Response and Total Transparency

There’s no waiting on our turf. We know planning and setting up a whole cabling operation can be stressful for you, which is why we continue to maximize our value to you and your users by ensuring a quick response to any query or site visit.
With follow-up discussions, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process of how we’ll work on your property, with a secured vision and no constraints holding you down.

Expert Workers

We carefully employ experienced technicians to guarantee a high level of training and quality surveillance, assuring you that your new cabling infrastructure will be top of the line.
We manage your demands individually with the essential upkeep and professionalism, operate with certified processes and instruments, and confirm the quality of the final product satisfies both nationwide law and regulations and, of course, your respective preferences.

Tailored for all Projects

Whether you require ultra-fast
broadband wiring, an effective security camera cabling system, need to facilitate office data technology, or just a simple yet clear voice home phone system, we’re the right people to call on to work on projects of any size.
We use various types of cable, using only the ones that best suit your work, most generally Category 5e (Cat5e), Category 6 cable (Cat6), and Fiber optic cabling, for precise and efficient information communication throughout your office or residence.

Don’t let future you deal with the stress of nightmarish wall touch-ups, multiple paint jobs, and drywall and sheetrock cutting.

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